The Button Swap Blog Hop!

by Cindy on May 13, 2012

TODAY is the big Button Swap Blog Hop!!  I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day, after all, I’m crazy about buttons and love collecting them.  Way back at the end of March, a respectable number of bloggers signed up to take on this button challenge.  The participants were paired up, and buttons were mailed out from all over: Germany, England, Canada, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand and of course the U.S.  Everyone set to work creating something wonderful with their new buttons. And it did not have to be jewelry!  ….I can’t wait to see if we had any non-jewelry takers out there!  Another interesting factor about the swap is that any kind of button could be shared – from antique to hand made.

Thank you to every one who participated!  If you didn’t get to join in this time, I do plan to host the Button Swap again next year and hope to see you join the next time!

My Button Swap partner is Mimi Gardner of Baubles, Beads, & other Curiosities (love her blog name!).

Mimi sure surprised me and sent me an amazing assortment of vintage buttons.  The vintage part wasn’t a surprise – I think she got a good hint at what I like to work with by visiting my blog.  But she was so kind as to send me a variety, not knowing if I preferred working with silver or gold…  See the beautiful buttons she sent?  Which set do you think I picked??

I like classics – so I chose the timeless gold and black combination!  I used 5 out of the 6 buttons in this set.   Let’s start around the back ….here you’ll see one of the vintage black buttons used as a dangle hanging from the extender chain of the necklace I created.


I went a little over the top & ended up with something on the ornate side.  There’s nothing understated about mixing vintage earrings – yes I added one, can you find it? – and old brass stampings (Metalliferous & Beadin’ Path), after all.  The base of my focal is a brass filigree bow tie folded in half.  It was a clever way to hide the wirework used to attach the buttons through the flower stampings.  I incorporated a few floral components to complement the nature motif in some of the buttons.  My finished necklace is a compilation of handmade onyx and brass chain, knotted gemstones, bronze and brass components, and the vintage black buttons.


I recently purchased some beautiful beaded beads from the talented Sandra Sculli of Preserve Jewelry Studio, and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to use one.  Sandra really does amazing beadwork!


I definitely had fun taking the “after” photos.  To me, this is just as much fun as making the jewelry.  I headed out to the front porch, armed with old pieces of lace, a needlepoint runner, a 100 year-old book, and a couple antique Victorian albums.


And one more –  just to show you how the necklace looks when worn, I tried it on with a new sundress.


All the while I was making my button jewelry, I had my faithful studio companion with me.  We had fun making a ring together – yes, a button ring!  While I was taking pictures of the ring, the two of us goofed around with taking pictures of ourselves in a mirror.

I have to show you that new, old mirror.  I love this one – haven’t hung it up yet – but I have just the spot. I was so lucky that it happens to fit perfectly between the two windows where I intended to put it because I didn’t know the precise measurement (and there is no room to spare).  This mirror has some great memories associated with it – all 6 of us went antiquing in early April and that’s when we found it.  And on that day my husband and I seemed to fall in love all over again.  It’s hard to explain how or why, but I knew that it happened.  When we were purchasing the mirror, we happened to notice an Easter egg in the counter showcase.  There it was – 1995, the year we were married.  It’s not everyday that you find something from 1995 when it’s 2012.  We brought home that egg too. 🙂


Oh!  And here’s the ring that I made using the glass floral button that Mimi sent.  It is so sparkly & I love wearing it.  Keri Lee Sereika has a great tutorial on how to make this ring.  I’ve seen many ring tutorials out there, but loved this one for the concise, step by step directions.  If you happen to have any shank-style buttons left from the Button Swap, why not try making one too!

My little guy showing off his ring (he chose the button).  He’s already shared it on the playground – took it right off and let others wear it too. 🙂

I was all set to work with the 2nd group of buttons but ran out of time.  I’ll keep you posted and share this piece on my blog hopefully in the near future.

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Before you head off to visit more button swap blogs, I have an announcement!  Remember this giveaway? These vintage mother of pearl buttons are going to one lucky Button Swap participant.  And the Winner is:


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Button Swap Blog Hop.  It is plain to see that many of us love buttons.  Now let’s see what everyone has created with their buttons!  Please visit the the Swap participants below – take your time & keep on hopping, even if it takes a week or two, or three….

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 Kalaya Steede and Kylie Dickman

 Karen McKillip and Jenna Tomalka

 Karen Mitchell and Renetha Stanziano

 Karla Morgen and Mary Govaars

Kay Thomerson and Shannon Chomanczuk

 Kim Ballor and Laurel Steven

 Kim Bender and Alice Peterson

 Kim Dworak and Jayne Capps

 Kim Roberts and Partner unable to participate at this time.

 Kristi Harrison and Jenna Meyers

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 Kym Hunter and Lynda Moseley

 Laurel Steven and Kim Ballor

 Linda Djokic and Patty Gasparino

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 Lynda Moseley and Kym Hunter

 Marianna Boylan and Tracy Statler

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 Mary Harding and Stacie Florer 

 Maureen Baranov and Tracy Bell

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 Nicole Valentine Rimmer and Niki Meiners

 Niki Meiners and Nicole Valentine Rimmer

 Niky Sayers and Lori Anderson

 Pam Farren and Birgitta Lejonklou

Pam Ferarri and Stefanie Teufel (will share their reveal on a later date)

 Patty Gasparino and Linda Djokic

 Peggy Johnson and Michelle Hardy

 Rebecca Anderson and Emma Thomas

 Rebekah Payne and Sue Kennedy

 Renetha Stanziano and Karen Mitchell

 Rose Binoya and Shanti Johnson

 Sally Russick and Holly Westfall

 Sandi Volpe and Jenny Davies Reazor

 Shannon Chomanczuk and Kay Thomerson

 Shanti Johnson and Rose Binoya

 Sharon Borsavage and Erin Siegel

 Shirley Moore and Veralynne Malone

 Stacie Florer and Mary Harding

Stefanie Teufel and Pam Ferarri (will share their reveal on a later date)

 Sue Hamel and Terry Carter

 Sue Kennedy and Rebekah Payne

 Tania Hagen and Bonnie Coursolle

 Tania Spivey and Teresa Gagne

 Teresa Gagne and Tania Spivey

 Teri Baskett and Line Labrecque

 Terry Carter and Sue Hamel

 Theresa Fosdick and Melissa Martin

 Tracy Bell and Maureen Baranov

 Tracy Statler and Marianna Boylan

 Veralynne Malone and Shirley Moore

Thank you ever so much for stopping by today!

– Cindy xoxo


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Melissa May 14, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Cindy, Thanks so much for doing the button swap!! I really enjoyed it!! The necklace you made is AMAZING!! It is so pretty, makes me want to try something like that of my own! Sorry I posted my project late!

Peggy May 14, 2012 at 6:51 pm

I am so happy that this will be an annual event! Looking forward to participate again next year!

Julia May 14, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Thank you oh so much for hosting this lovely event– I am happy to hear that it will become annual!

The buttons you received were unbelievably stunning!!! Any one of those sets would have looked great as jewelry.

And the little man looks so proud of his ring, and so happy to be next to Momma– Happy (slightly belated) Mothers Day– and again, thank you very much for arranging such a great meeting of the minds <3

cat kerr May 14, 2012 at 10:45 pm

This is my first swap and wanted to thank you friend for always inspiring me so and giving me the chance to join this hop.I am so thankful for my new friends and having a chance to look at their beautiful shops.
The necklace you made is stunning, the black and gold…wowwowowowo!!
Little man looks so sweet in your photos!!You take the most amazing photos and you always capture the heart of the Moment.
xoxo Cat

boot~C May 14, 2012 at 10:57 pm

thank you so much for hosting, this was fun! I love your rings, funny how many of us made them!

Stefanie May 15, 2012 at 6:04 am

Oh Cindy, that is such a fun hop and your piece – amazing, amazing, amazing. And beautiful, and lovely, and awesome, and interestng, and….:-)

Stacie May 15, 2012 at 8:58 am

Cindy, I have kept coming back to look at your beautiful work this morning…and the beautiful job you did creating that cute little cherub of a son that helped you in your studio! I love how you incorporated this swap with Mother’s Day…as it highlights the memories I have of my own childhood, hanging out with my mom and having her let me help her in whatever creative project she was doing at the time. This was my first ever swap…since I don’t really bead too much anymore, I haven’t participated in them before, but the fun I had diving into a different medium from what I normally do was so refreshing. A button swap was the perfect gateway into doing more…thank you, again, for spurring me on to sprout those wings and to take flight, doing things that stretch me creatively. You are such a nurturer, and I sincerely hope you had a great Mother’s Day!!

Veralynne Malone May 15, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Thank you so much Cindy for having this. I am so new to all this, but I am having so much fun looking at everyones blogs and designs. I can’t wait to do another one. I love doing challenges. And your pieces, WOW. one day I hope to create like that. Great job.


Brenda Salzano May 15, 2012 at 10:26 pm

Just wanted to thank you for putting on the button challenge. I had a ton of fun, and my partner is now a friend as we really think alike!! 😉 Love your necklace also, it is so well designed, love the way it all comes together. Again thanks Cindy!!

Erin May 17, 2012 at 8:46 pm

Okay, we’ll start off with the necklace…It’s stunning! I love the layered floral focal. It all mixes together perfectly. You have such an eye for creating beautiful harmony in your designs. You used your buttons in so many creative way in your piece! I also like the addition of the knotted gemstones. They add additional interest and provide a different texture to the mix.

Your photos are gorgeous! I LOVE those mirror shots. Your fun, playful energy with your son shines right through the pictures!

The rings are adorable. A fun and easy way to show off some special buttons.

Cindy, thank you for hosting this swap. It was a ton of fun and I loved being apart of it. Happy belated Mother’s Day to you!

Shanti Johnson May 19, 2012 at 3:18 am

Wowwwwwwww! Your work is gorgeous!!!!! So dang much talent !!!! U rock!! I’m so tY for you putting such a awesome event on!!! TY TY TY! What a really fun post & luv pics!!!!

Cynthia@OrnamentalStyle May 19, 2012 at 9:41 pm

OMG! That necklace is freaking amazing! Stunning. And it looks gorgeous on you. Looks like you and Nathaniel had fun together. Touching story about the antiquing trip.

LoriF May 20, 2012 at 7:18 pm

Thank you so much for being a wonderful hostess, Cindy! I LOVE my buttons from Cynthia and loved this experience. What a beautiful job you did on your necklace….gorgeous.

Susan Kennedy May 21, 2012 at 6:50 pm

Oh wow, Cindy, what gorgeous work you do! That necklace is amazing, and your ring is so pretty! What a cute little studio companion! He looks so happY!

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